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We are building this company to do more with our catch - for ourselves, for our community.

Things are a bit simpler out here...the seasons, not the clock, guide our lives.

In summer
we harvest fish and play in the endless days;

Berries ripen in autumn -
perfect for jams, jellies and pies;

Winter brings caribou, moose and
a white blanket for quiet reflection;

Days lengthen into spring as we rumble awake,
ready to begin anew.

Tiffany Bennett

Raised on the waters of Bristol Bay, Tiffany's earliest memories are filled with life at fish camp in Egegik - a village on the Aleutian peninsula, home to her family for generations. Memories held dear - commercial fishing alongside her parents and siblings; running to her grandparent's house for cookies and coffee; late night card games; endless four wheeler rides; processing smoked salmon with her mother and grandmother; and of course, anticipating the salmon run every fourth of July - what a rush!


She is a homegrown Registered Nurse (RN) who has served the communities of Bristol Bay since 2011.

Tiffany's upbringing instilled a tireless work ethic that is second to none - she doesn't stop, even as she wins Mom of the Year awards, works full-time and is enrolled in a Masters Program.  She thrives in high intensity situations where clear thinking and quick decision making are required. 

Tiffany knows quality seafood.  As head of our processing operations, she ensures that only the best leaves our plant - if we would not eat it, neither will you.


She loves food, food and food.  Well, good food. 

Annnnnddd Hawai'i.

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Conor Downey

A happily displaced Midwesterner, Conor made his way to Alaska 10 years ago.  Little did he know, he would soon find himself knee deep in pretty ladies - Tiffany and the girls of course!

A few, ahem, grey hairs later, he could never have dreamt of the life he now leads.  The myriad experiences since coming to Alaska - from being a full time Dad, to building our home, to learning subsistence hunting and fishing practices - have been truly enriching. ​

As captain, he oversees the harvest and at sea handling of our catch; attention to detail and strict standards result in the finest quality flowing into the plant.


Conor learned to fish under Tiffany's mother, Dinah.  Recently deceased, her memory and guidance underpins every aspect of what we do.

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