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The last class;

stewardship of these natural resources will be our legacy.

Quality, sustainability...inseparable;

we strive for excellence in all aspects.

a cut above...



Heritage, integrity, competence.

Straight from Alaska, by Alaskans.

No shortcuts, no middlemen.



Caught, landed and processed on the same tide -


Truly unadulterated freshness.

In-season small batch production with only one goal - products of the highest quality.



Built from the ground up to bring you the highest quality products with the least environmental impact.

From the water, to the plant, to the office, sustainability is a driving force in what we do and how we do it.

Net to table, you know exactly where your fish came from:


two-skiffs (1).png

on the water

Selected fresh from the net, Conor and crew immediately bleed, gut and ice our fish.

This humanely kills the fish and limits the release of hormones and chemicals caused by asphyxiation and thrashing movements.

Removing the viscera at sea eliminates the effects of decomposing organs and enhances thermal penetration for freezing.


Our utmost to preserve the natural quality of our fish.

Handling and Transport

Our plant is located minutes from the fishing grounds - our fish are caught, landed ashore and processed on the same tide

Careful handling and attention to detail persist throughout each step - from boat to plant.


Held in slush ice to preserve and protect, your fish couldn't be fresher unless you were here to catch them yourself. 

Salmon in Bin on Ice_edited.jpg

in the plant

Working continuously throughout the season with only a few hundred pounds at a time, Tiffany and crew hand craft the fish into final form.

Products are vacuum sealed and shock frozen below 0° F in less than an hour - elite.

We store our products at -15° F in several small, energy efficient freezers, ready to ship straight to your door.

Uncompromising quality, sustainable practices.

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