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King / Chinook Portions

King / Chinook Portions

Chinooks... the "King" of salmon.


Orange in hue, exquisitly rich with mouth-watering, buttery flesh - a delicacy from the waters of Bristol Bay.


Very limited quanities.


Bone-In portions, 5 lb. offering.


Flash frozen.




We do not de-bone our products.  A little known industry secret: fresh salmon flesh is too firm to de-bone without tearing the meat.  Deboned products must be "aged" for an extended period of time in order to soften the meat, allowing the clean removal of the pin bones. 


We are committed to providing the freshest products possible, hence our choice to leave the pin bones.  The pin bones are very easily removed once thawed or cooked. 





When adding a selection to your cart, select "Alaska" or "Lower 48" from the dropdown options.


"Lower 48" orders will be shipped via UPS - cost of freight is included in the price.  Given the logistics of shipping in-season from rural Alaska, we can only ship Monday through Wednesday.


"Alaska" shipments will be sent collect (buyer pays at pick-up) via regional freighter as appropriate.  


Products will be shipped in insulated foam containers with ice packs.


Expedited/alternative shipping options available upon request.

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